Dynalite Carbon Footprint

Homeowners are always looking to reduce their energy but they not only do that but also help the environment. The typical smart home automation usually features seamlessly integrated security systems, electronics, appliances and lighting. As more devices are made with wireless connectivity the features a smart home can control. So many systems are becoming more common in a smart home such as automated door locks, temperature control, energy consumption and monitoring devices, entertainment systems, smart lighting systems and many more. The list is endless.

Even the simplest of task can be done with home automation giving you more time that can be spent on other things. But the major compelling feature is that it’s a greener and cheaper way of living. Home automation impacts positively on reducing your carbon footprint by saving energy. You save money from reduced electricity bills and the environment is preserved in the long run by lower demand and production at power plants. Dynalite is a hi-tech designed energy efficient lighting system design to do just that as it consumes less energy as well as controls energy consuming gadgets. Using LED lights consume ten times less energy than your traditional bulbs. Dynalite works with sensors based on occupancy and will turn off lights when those areas are vacant. You can also set your lights to dim when necessary.

The sustainability of a smart house is needed to successfully reduce your carbon footprint and Dynalite does just that. It assists to achieve higher energy ratings and lower energy consumption with climate control, reducing lighting with power management. Lighting reportedly consumes 20-25% of all electricity in homes, so this is a significant area where home automation can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. The footprint they leave each day starting with their home usage blinds people, as they are too concerned of the cost of home automation. People believe that it’s too expensive to have a fancy light switches in the house however they don’t realise how much energy can be saved as its not just a matter of turning on and off. Lights are set to a lower lighting level extending the life of the bulb and reducing the energy consumption.

By intelligently controlling lighting with Dynalite lighting systems your benefiting on energy efficient lamps, which will be enhanced by optimizing their performance. So installing a well designed and fully automated Dynalite lighting system you will not only be using energy efficient lighting but you will be potentially delivering twice the energy savings for just the energy efficient lamps alone. Power management is integrated in home automation systems that assist with your energy intake while maintaining the comfort and functionality of the home.

While pursuing low energy cost and efficiency in the household people are also achieving a smaller carbon footprint helping the environment creating a more sustainable and better future.