Philips Dynalite designs and manufactures technology solutions for lighting control and building automation applications. Initially developed for large-scale projects, Philips Dynalite's distributed intelligence system is equally suited to small installations. As an industry segment leader, our reputation as a provider of superior solutions extends to over fifty countries around the world.

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Set the welcome home function remotely by your smart phone or on arrival home by remote control. This will set the right mood for you. Switch on your heating/cooling so the right temperature is set for your comfort. Open the curtains and blinds and set the welcome light scene.

It's the end of the day and time to rest. No need to trouble yourself with checking that all of the lights are off and curtain/blinds are closed. By the press of a single button, the Philips Dynalite Home automation system will take care of it all.

The Panic Function provides you with an alarm feature that will operate a set of functions, such as switching lights to a predetermined level, locking out user interfaces and closing all shutters. This function can be automatically triggered by your security/fire alarm system or by the press of a 'Master" button, which could be located by your bed.

It's time to entertain your guests, So setting the right ambiance for your dinner party is important. Dim the dinning room lights, light pathways through to the guest areas of the house, drop the blinds and start the garden light show. All by the press of a button.