Dynalite control and automation in the home

A lighting control system like Philips Dynalite can help you manage your home lighting, security, heating, cooling, blinds and other electrical systems.  A Dynalite home should allow simple control via engraved wall switches with control, management and monitoring from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  A correctly designed and installed Dynalite control system should complement, not complicate your lifestyle.

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What are the benefits of lighting control in a home?

Philips Dynalite's home control solutions help you to create comfortable and safe living environments.  Dynalite's automated intelligent technology can help you take care of adjusting lighting, access control, curtains and blinds simply, and quickly.

  • Bring the control of multiple elements like lighting, blinds, access control, security and air conditioning to one switch.
  • Go beyond simple on/off control by recalling different lighting scenes to suit mood and occasion.  Control entire areas of your home with "Goodnight", "All Off","Welcome", "Security", and many more scenes and intelligent control that really enhance the way you live in your home.
  • Run your home more efficiently to save energy by switching off areas when not in use.  External lighting can be switched off with timers at sunrise each day, kid's bedrooms and bathrooms etc automatically switched off when their presence is not detected.  Or switch off an entire wing of your home with a single button.  There are many great energy saving options.
  • Program daily routines such as lights on at night, heating and cooling on or off, or locking the gates or doors at bedtime.  You may want automatic lower light levels for late night visits to bathroom, hallways and kitchen.  These adjustments can be programmed so you don't need to think about it.
  • Monitor and control your home from anywhere with a smart device or web browser.
  • Light and motion sensors can allow your home to respond in the way you want by simply walking into a room.
  • Integrate other systems to Dynalite so lights come on or off when security is armed, disarmed or in alarm, or light up your entry and living areas when you come home and open the garage door. 

Dynalite user interfaces and switches

The Dynalite user interfaces and switches are intuitive and easy to use.  Personal engraving is essential in an automated control system to simplify control of the home.  They are available in a range of finishes to match any budget or to compliment the interior design.  Antumbra display keypads and touch screens allow limitless control of lighting and other systems throughout the home all on a single user interface.  CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW TO ENLARGE.

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Antumbra display - click to enlarge

Antumbra close up - click to enlarge

DR2P close up - click to enlarge

User interfaces adapting to your routine

With a Dynalite smart home by a Control Co technician your home can achieve intelligence that simplifies your daily lifestyle. For example rather than multiple scenes in the master bedroom like "Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening" and "Night", and single button on a Dynalite keypad can be programmed to achieve the lighting requirements you need at that time of day.  This allows for a better experience for the home owner with fewer buttons.

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Mobile device and remote lighting control

Going away has never been so easy, home owners with lighting control can have a relaxing holiday without thinking there is someone breaking into their house. Not only can a home owner be in the house controlling the lights with their iPads or iPhones but they can be away and turn on and off lights. If you don't have a house sitter you can still remotely turn lights on giving the illusion that someone is home adding that much more security to home. You could be heading home from a holiday and can turn on your lights and cooling or heating system so its ready as soon as you step foot in the door. 

holiday controlling.jpg

To ensure you are getting the most out of your Dynalite product make sure you use a Dynalite Dimension Dealer like Control Co.  With Dynalite you are getting the best, make sure it's installed by the best.