"The perfect control solution should be both simple and functional, enhancing work and home lifestyle, while providing power saving benefits."

Control Co is a small group of Brisbane control and automation technicians, dealers and specialists in Philips Dynalite and other control solutions that are integrated into a complete control solution.

Our technicians having been working with these technologies since 2008, and successfully installed and maintained a number of residential and commercial projects throughout Brisbane, QLD and Northern NSW.

Control Co are Philips Dynalite Dealers, certified to supply, install, program and commission Dynalite control systems in all environments. 

We work in a variety of industries, covering business, health, and government installations.

Our clients are building managers, home owners, also electricians and engineers.  We fit in where you need us to, whether simply supply and program, or the entire solution.

Our solutions vary from simple single room, to multi level buildings, integrating touch panel, switches, touch screens, motion and light detectors, and BMS systems.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your Dynalite and integrated systems automation needs.  

     Antumbra Interface - Unlimited possibilities


Antumbra Interface - Unlimited possibilities