What does DALI stand for?

Digital Addressable lighting interface.  Each DALI fitting has a ballast connected via a DALI line and addressed with it's own unique address.  This allows a DALI control system to control and receive feedback from any light fitting individually.  

What can DALI do for you?

Dali can reduce the installation costs of a lighting control or Dynalite system.  It also allows ultimate flexibility as any fitting can be programmed to be controlled regardless of it's location on the DALI universes.  What this also means that changes to a home or office can be made without needed to change wiring.  A programmer can simply attend onsite and modify the control as required. It is designed to easily integrate the equipment of other third party products. 

I hear there is a limit to the number of dali devices allowed on a single dali universe?

Yes there is a limit of 64 DALI devices on a single universe.  The Dynalite control system allows you to run multiple DALI universes without complicating programming or commissioning.  Envision Project software seamlessly integrates all DALI universes together as if it were the single system, lowering programming and commissioning costs.

Dynalite FAQS

What do I do if my controller is obsolete? 

As the Dynalite products are constantly improving just like anything the model numbers become revised making products obsolete. So even if your older controller does not exist it can still be replaced with a newer model.

How long do I have to wait for the hardware?

Depending on what hardware you are requiring will depend on the ETA. Some items are made to order products which usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks but a lot of the common Dynalite controllers and interfaces are a few days to receive. 

What are the benefits of Dynalite?

  • It's an Energy-efficient system
  • Intelligent and Ultimate Power
  • Economical
  • Sophistication
  • Reliable and maintainable
  • Flexible Design
  • Ease of installation and Configuration
  • Full capability of integration with other systems
  • Customisable and advanced functionality for the users comfort

What third party systems does the Dynalite System integrate with?

  • DyNet
  • RTI
  • AMX - Control & Automation Technology
  • Integration with AXA Design Products - Audio & Video Products
  • CRESTRON Integration - Control & Automation
  • COMFORT integration -  Home Automation & Security
  • COMMAND SYSTEMS integration - DaVinci Touchscreens
  • ELAN integration - Home Systems
  • Inner Range Integration - Security Systems
  • NESS integration - Security Products
  • Genesis - Security product


What are LEDs?

LEDS are light emitting diodes they produce light by conversion of electrical energy directly to light by the movement of electrons within the material of the diode. These are electronic components and are important because they are replacing the most conventional light sources as they or efficient and use low energy. LEDs are a solid-state lighting that is used because the electronics produce light directly from solid materials in which the electrons are embedded. Other technologies such as the fluorescent technology require a gaseous discharge medium to initiate production of light.

What is meaning Future-proofing of LED products?

LED technology is constantly changing like any technology. It continues to improve the performance on a daily basis. They are manufactured so that you can easily switch from one generation to the next improved generation without major retooling of changes to the luminaire design offering full compatibility with drivers making any set up future proof.

Why do LEDs have a higher initial cost than conventional light sources?

LEDS offer long last efficient light sources to the end users. Apart from the LED chip itself which has sapphire and gallium in the semiconductor, the process of the packaging with materials like ceramic, rare earth phosphors, silicone, solder and god wire add to the overall cost. White LEDs require further tests for calibration and standardisation.

What are the economic advantages of using LEDs over conventional light sources?

Initially the cost of the conventional light source is less then LEDs but the operational and maintenance cost of the lighting system is cheaper in the long run. LEDs last longer and reduce maintenance and lamp replacement cost. This reduces the cost of labour to replace the lamps at the end of the lamp life as they consume less energy. The overall cost of a LED Dynalite system can be significantly lower then conventional lighting systems.

What are the advantages of dimming LEDs?

LEDs are more efficient then most other light sources and consumes less energy for a five task or light output. They do not contain nazardous materials and have a longer lifespan hence reduce the frequency of disposal lamps. Dimming LEDs have the following advantages:

-       Energy Saving because the less energy used will reduce output levels

-       LEDs have an extended life span the electronic components run cooler which increases the life of the phosphor coasting that us used to produce white light.

-       Can create ambient light presets to create mood settings.

-       A flexible system with a multipurpose room. A room can be a reading or office space that can then turn into a presentation area by dimming

-       Designed to increase productivity by individual control.