TecElec is an electrical company who we work with on the Brisbane City Council Bus stations. We help to maintain the touch screens and DALI gateway groups that are located at the Bus depots. We have been on site to fix some issues with their controllers and reprogram changes in the set schedules. 

Our expert technicians at Control Co have been working with them for a year now and are happy to assist with the issues they come across. 



We work with a company called Intact Group who work with commercial property, we assist them when their properties need assistance with the Dynalite system. The Suncorp building in Brisbane have several levels of Dynalite which we maintain for the Intact Group. 

It's important that we look after their system and keep it up to date so that Suncorp can continue working without interruption. Suncorp have many sensor installed in the building which allow the employees of the building to leave and arrive safely. 

Southport Sharks - Gold Coast

We went onsite at southport sharks in the Gold coast to see why there Dimtek was playing up. It was programmed and reloaded and tested and working again how it was expected. However the technician told the Football Club that their system was quite old and needed updating as the parts no longer are available for that unit. We told them they should consider the upgrade in the near future and we were happy to supply a quote and help them. 


SLS - Specialised Lighting Solutions at the Lord Stanley Hotel

SLS is a new electrical company we have recently started helping when they come across any Dynalite systems. They required a certified technician to attend to reprogram the Dynalite lighting system on site at the Lord Stanley Hotel.  

The clients requested for the LED to be replaced and reprogrammed so they can be dimmed when required. The Lord Stanley had a few small issues after that so we attended the site again and found that we needed to combined the circuits on the Dynalite system to remove the flickering. 

SJ Electric

SJ Electric contacted us saying that a building in South Brisbane were experiencing issues with the Dynalite system that is installed in that location. Some light wouldn't turn on and some wouldn't turn off. 

Our techs went on site and reset the conttoller and tested the relays. The controller continued working although given its age it was likely to reoccur and a new controller is recommended. SJ Electric were sent a quote that day with the new controller and were very happy to accept it. We then were back on site a week later to install DDRC1220FR-GL  which is the newer relay controller then the one they originally had on site. 

Macarthur Central

MacArthur Central Shopping Centre in Brisbane has entrusted Control Co to look after the Dynalite system in the new shopping centre. Modifications were made to the lighting system schedule to suit the centres hours. 

Because MacArthur Centre is very busy it will require constance maintaining to make sure that it is up to date and meeting the clients requirements. 

KP Electric

Kp Electric

KP Electric is an electrical company who we have been working with for over a year and who entrust us with very important Dynalite systems for their important clients. Their great electricians have assisted our technicians and giving the best service to their clients. We have worked many Fitness First's, Australian Customs, Brisbane Airport and many other companies. 

Brisbane Airport

Control Co are on call when Brisbane Airport Customs House requires assistance with the lighting control system.  The systems spans 4 levels, connected together over 7 networks.   Every light in the building is connected via C-Bus lighting control, running on a series of timers, occupancy sensors and switches.  With this system the building is able to meet it's green star rating, but also ensures the safety and comfort of it's staff.  We've taken care of all issues arising over the past 3 years, including works to the backbone and internetwork connectivity.  Control Co can help you too with your C-Bus or Dynalite service query in Brisbane. 

Bay Coast Electrical

Bay Coast Electrical.jpg

Bay Coast Electrical is one of our newest electrical clients. They have required us on a few occasions to fix some Dynalite issues or requirements they had at the site they were attending.

Bay coast had a client who required a time clock which we installed and programmed so that the outdoor patio lights were set with sunrise and sunset times, requested by the client. 

QLD Fire and Rescue Southport

Recently we have been on site at QLD fire and rescue at Southport to help with their Dynalite issues they are having. We found a faulty sensor in our first visit and then found there to be faulty controllers. The whole unit is about to go through an all round upgrade and they have entrusted Control Co to be in charge of their Dynalite system upgrade. 

360 Capital and Burgess Rawson

360 Capital.jpg

These guys contract us to help assist with the one of there buildings. We have been assisting them for over a year now. The first issue they seemed to have was a sensor issues which we then went back and replaced three sensors. Because Dynalite requires on going maintenance the company entrusted Control Co to maintain their system in the building. We had to return to the building to fix some lighting issues which was a minor timer control change for the sensor to suit the end user. 

A common thing that can happen is Dynalite controllers can chatter on or off. We investigated this and just had to reset the devices, In this case we needed to replace the controller with a DDRC1220FR-GL which was replaced and reprogrammed to stop the issue. 


Another fault that happened on the same location was a sensor issue that was concluded to be faulty. Our technicians returned to the side to fix this with a new sensor.