Dynalite Keypad Switches, and interfaces

Dynalite user interfaces are available in a range of styles to match any budget, or style requirements. Interfaces to the Dynalite system include wall panels, touchscreens, multi purpose sensors, timers, and mobile device apps.

Antumbra Keypad

These are the newest in the Dynalite interface line up.  Antumbra are a cost effective, stylish keypad with labelling available.  The keypad can also sense when a person is nearby and a glowing light surrounds it, allowing it to be seen in the dark.  Antumbra allows for mix and matching different button finishes and rims.

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DR2P Keypad

  • Available in 2 popular international sizes, in single and multi gang configurations
  • Single Double, or Triple width buttons to extend configuration possibilities.
  • Button Engraving help clearly show the button's function for intuitive, customised system operation.
  • Button backlights, allow you to find the keypad in darkness and see the button labels.
  • LED indicators so show the button's operation status
  • Button colour options
  • Fascia options
  • OLED available. The OLED allows for a more detailed and personalised viewing window to the status of your environment, such as fan speed, current temperature, and much more.

DPN Keypad

  • Robust panels, perfect for commercial and residential applications
  • LED Indicators
  • High quality brushed stainless steel

Standard Keypad

- Cost effective, and fully functional.
- Single column or dual column
- LED indicators provide visual feedback
- Button engraving for simple operation

Touch Screens

Touch screens are a powerful tool for centralising control of your home.  A Dynalite touch screen allows you to control and view the status of lighting and other systems in a single convenient location.


iPhone and iPad App

An interface is also available for your iPhone or iPad.  The Dynalite system can be simply attached to your network, allowing you to control and receive feedback from your iPhone.  This will allow you to also take control remotely when you're not home.

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