The history of Smart homes - When are we living like The Jetsons?

thejetsons home automation dynalite

We all watched “The Jetsons” impressed with the automated house, holograms, robotic contraptions and whimsical inventions. At first smart homes were ideas until the idea become reality over the years but even though the idea of home automation has been around for some time actual smart homes have only existed a short while.

Before anything was invented the closet thing to home automation was a maid or butler. In the mid 60’s the ECHO IV was created which was a home automation machine that was built to compute shopping lists, control home temperature and turn on and off appliances. It only involved utilizing basic household wiring in order to enable the household. Although there are still discussions of whether or not is was actually successful. In the 70’s they released the X10 project a household name in home automation, which then went onto to developing light switches, thermostat controllers and other computer-controlled technologies. However it lacked an official computer interface.

Although home appliances aren’t considered a smart they were still an incredible achievement in the early twentieth century. The home automation can be traced back to where electrical and telephone wiring was installed in new houses. Hobbyists usually built the smart home infrastructure which started in the 1960’s and wasn’t until the 1980’s that the term smart home was used.

Smart homes and home automation appeared at the end of the 90’s and started to become popular in the 2000’s. It was different technology that began to emerge as a more efficient and economic option to future living. As the technology develops and evolves for smart homes it becomes more affordable for consumers.

Todays smart homes are more focused on the security and living greener appeal that home automation systems like Dynalite offer. They have been designed to sustain and ensure that you aren’t expending unnecessary energy. Most smart homes have automated lights, automated adjustment, scheduling appliances, remote mobile control and surveillance this are just some of the trends of a smart house of the 21st century. Smart homes give you ultimate control over you home by automating these trends. Now a day anything in your home that uses electricity can be put on the home network and at your command. Whether the command is by voice, remote, iPad’s or interfaces. It is estimated that in the next 10 years 90% of new homes will come equipped with some form of networking, programming and automation.

The connectivity and interactivity offered with home automation allows living life to be better managed. The high level of automation enables more convenient control and safety of any of the property from anywhere. Technology is rapidly changing, it is important to recognize how technology is changing how we function within our household and maybe some day we may be living like The Jetsons.