Dynalite Antumbra upgrade in New Farm, Brisbane

We had the pleasure of helping a new client recently with the an upgrade to his existing Dynalite system in Brisbane.  The older DLP keypads were getting a little worn and the client was after a great looking panel with plenty of control options.

Jason was keen to implement as much time saving, and energy saving functions into the system as possible which made this project quite enjoyable.  If there was something that could make his family's time in their home easier or improved, he was up for it.

We went with Antumbra Display keypads in high use areas, and Antumbra Touch keypads in bedrooms or low use areas.  

The beauty of the Antumbra Display is the large number of menus that can be programmed into a single panel.  This meant we could cram a heap of light control, scenes, and special functions into single panels.

Antumbra Display New Farm Brisbane

The Antumbra Touch in bedrooms or low use spots were a cost effective, great looking choice, with the elegance of the touch sensitive buttons.

Great new control features

As I mentioned, our client was keen to make the most of his Dynalite solution.  We worked with Jason to achieve some of the following new control features.

Jason testing his new control features

Jason testing his new control features

  1. Scheduled tasks that run the heated towel rails each day, turn off lights in the home during the day, and switch on lighting in the home at sunset.
  2. Full home control via iPad, iPhone and Android device.
  3. Welcome home buttons located at front door entry and garage entry.  These allow our client to press one button when arriving home to turns on the stairs, kitchen and living areas.
  4. Goodbye button at exits to switch off all the lighting in the home with a single button press.
  5. Goodnight buttons in master bed to switch off lighting throughout the home.
  6. TV scene, Dining scene, and Entertainment scenes that set lighting in living and entertaining areas to the perfect levels.
  7. Kids goodnight button which turns off the kids area of the home and turns on the lower hallway lights for access to toilet at night
  8. Full dimming control of each lighting circuit in the home.
  9. Control of external lighting from multiple positions in the home.
  10. Panic buttons in some areas to switch on most of the home in event of emergency or panic.
  11. Whole level off buttons to switch of lighting in unused levels of the home.
  12. Vacation mode which sets a lighting schedule around the home when activated.  This gives the home a lived in look when the owner is away.
  13. Door access control
iPhone app control of Philips Hue lights

iPhone app control of Philips Hue lights

With a Philips Dynalite system you have control of any light circuit so what this means is you have limitless control possibilities.  If you want to turn on a toilet light from a bedroom you can.  This might sound silly, but this would be good for your kids at night right?  

I guess what I'm getting at is you can design any function you want, whether from a button, schedule or sensor.  Lighting can also be controlled when