Lighting Control techniques that reduce your power bill

An automated lighting control system can be a great tool for helping you to save money on your electricity bill.  Quite simply it can help you to turn off lights and power where it isn't required or has been left running.  Here's a few techniques we've used in our Brisbane/Gold Coast Dynalite installations in to help reduce power consumption.


Dynalite flush mount sensor

Sensors used in quick use areas such as hallways, walk in robes, closets, garage and external entries can be a great power saving addition to your home lighting control system.  It helps to avoid a common scenario where an occupant switches on the lights in these areas and forgets to turn them off, or only needs the light in the hallway say for a few moments.  The sensor will detect movement in the area and leave the lights on while the occupant remains, and turn off after a set amount of time.

Sensors can also be programmed to simply turn off lights when occupancy is not detected.  This can be a great tool in kids bedrooms, common areas, or even in bathrooms that may be running heat and lighting.  When it is detected that the space has not been in use for 5 minutes, or as long as you like, it can turn the area off.

All Off button

All Off button used to switch entire areas off

"All Off" buttons are a quick easy way for the occupant to turn off lighting or power in whole areas.  You may have this button at the bedside to switch off the whole home when you retire for the night.  Or in the garage or entry for when you leave for the day.  The whole house can be switched off in a single button.

You don't necessarily need to switch of the entire house.  In a scenario recently we programmed a button to switch off a section of a home.  This gave the user the ability to turn off all the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas in the rear of the home when they knew they were no longer required.  With this particular home layout it gave the owner peace of mind that all the kids' lights and power were off all in a single button press.


Timers can be used for power saving techniques as well.  A timer can switch off all external light when the sun rises, or late at night.  You can also build timers into buttons, so a light or heat button can have a built in timer to turn off after a given length of time.  Energy lost by heated towel rails left on by kids was an issue we tackled recently in a home at Hope Island, Gold Coast.  No matter if the user was to turn the heated towels on and leave them on, our programming would switch them off within a couple of hours.

Scheduler accessible via web page

Scheduler accessible via web page

Remote access with your phone

When you know you've left power on or you just like to be sure, log into your system with your phone and switch off individual lights or power, or even the whole home.  That's great peace of mind.

Control home lighting via phone or smart device

Vacation mode

No need to leave lights on while you are on vacation.  With a Dynalite lighting control system you can set the home into vacation mode with a single button.  The system will then switch on and off lighting as required between set times to give the home a lived in look, without breaking the bank.

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