LED Compatibility List for Dynalite Systems

You'd be silly these days to use anything other than LED technology in your lighting.  A single halogen bulb can consume 50W compared to an LED which consumes as little as 5W for the same light output.  As electrical prices rise it's a no brainer that LEDs are what we should now be using in our homes and work places.

LEDs and lighting control systems can be challenging.  LEDs when run at 100% on Dynalite or C-Bus usually work fine, but when dimmed they can flicker.  Some people say, "well just run them and 100%" but we never always want to run them at 100%.  One very important part of a lighting control system is achieving perfect moods and light scenes which require the ability to dim lighting.  

So I'm often asked the question "What LEDs should I use with Dynalite."  This question isn't as easy as it sounds.  It depends on what dimming method you are using, whether leading edge or trailing edge and also what type of controller you are using.  The DDLE802 can dim LEDs quite differently to a DDLE801.  It also depends on your transformers, and number of lights on the circuits.

We intend to help answer these questions with our experience.  But to start we'll post the Philips LED compatibility list.  In the future we'll post more compatible LEDs from alternate suppliers.