Dynalite DALI multi-master Universe possibilities

Adding a DALI controller to a Dynalite system will increase functionality as it permits field devices other then ballasts controlling lamps to be added. This solution enables building owners to achieve even greater energy savings and operational efficiency. The unlimited scalability and flexibility provides comfort and productivity of occupants is improved, ensuring that the result from the system is giving the end-user the best result.

The latest, evolution of DALI is the DALI multi-master it takes wiring simplification and flexibility one step further. It allows DALI enabled devices such as sensors and user interface panels to communicate directly with the DALI ballasts eliminating the need for parallel data networks. However DALI does have some functional restrictions, in bother DALI and DALI multi master format. The main disadvantage is that the number of luminaires in a DALI universe is limited to 64 and the number of addressable lighting groups, as well as lighting scenes that can be recalled is limited to 16. This has been successfully overcome with the DyNet protocol, which is a more feature rich control network that handles many groups, and scenes as required. This solution also supports advanced reporting and control functionality, communicating via a gateway to the DALI field network.

A DyNet-based solution allows up to 10 DALI sensors or dry contact interfaces to be connected to the DALI on top of the maximum allowed number of 64 DALI lamp drivers without compromising any of the DALI advantages such as polarity insensitivity and free topology network cabling. The new adaptations of the DALI ballast controller permits it to receive signals from the DALI devices such as the sensors and user panels, and act as a network gateway or bridge to translate these messages into the DyNet protocol. The DyNet connectivity then allows it to communicate with other controllers associated with different DALI universes.

Dynalite Room

DALI multi-master controllers are fitted with integrated power relay to ensure that the luminaire standby current can be removed if all the lamps are dimmed to 0%. This is beneficial as the system have an energy saving feature stopping any energy being consumed when the lights are off. The controller has built-in power supply, DALI driver and DALI transmitter. These components reduce initial and total cost of ownership by eliminating multiple terminations and minimizing the number of additional individual components to be installed.

A Dynalite DALI multi-master system can be tailored to any project requirements without the need of any additional universe but if more then one universe is require it will communicate seamlessly between them via the DyNet network. It delivers the ideal combination of smart control and wiring minimisation. The aspects of commissioning, device configuration, system and group overviews, system override and event scheduling are carried out using a single controller the DALI multi-master.