Smart Home

One of our projects at Bardon in Brisbane

One of our projects at Bardon in Brisbane

A smart home enhances your lifestyle, using home automation can assist you in many ways turning your home into luxury living. Turning your home into a smart home can be daunting to consider but it’s purely a collection of integrated concept bringing control, comfort and security to the place where you spend most of your time.

A lot of people add home automation to their houses to get that wow factor improving their lifestyle and impressing their friends and family with it. It gives the system a modern day appearance with any user interface they choose. The interfaces give full control over so many areas of the house from lights to blinds and even audio equipment. With home automation you don’t have messy cables coming from everywhere, as the wiring is pre-wired into the wall cavity.

Smart homes have the ability to make home life easier and far more convenient for the owner, so owners can control their entertainment, lighting and temperature from any room on their iPhone. Also automatic occupancy sensors and timed lighting can be installed so that when you enter a room the lights switch on or even dim when the natural light is brighter.

Everyone needs to feel safe and secure in their home and if you work away from home or go on holidays you want to know that your home security is working. You can enable or disable from just your phone and even monitor it. Your security system can be integrated into your lighting system so that if a thief or fire happens your lights with turn on as well.

Home automation adds value to a smart home by decreasing the energy costs and future proofing your homes energy efficiency. It also gives the next buyer immediate use of their entertainment systems, audio and other integrated systems. No mess, no fuss and no extra cost.

With a smart home you live with full control and ease. The system is programmed to suit you and your home, your routine and your lifestyle. This allows you to set personalised scenes and modes so you have that full control of your lighting and electrical devices, which will potentially reduce the energy consumption around your home.