What does DALI stand for?

Digital Addressable lighting interface.  Each DALI fitting has a ballast connected via a DALI line and addressed with it's own unique address.  This allows a DALI control system to control and receive feedback from any light fitting individually.  

What can DALI do for you?

Dali can reduce the installation costs of a lighting control or Dynalite system.  It also allows ultimate flexibility as any fitting can be programmed to be controlled regardless of it's location on the DALI universes.  What this also means that changes to a home or office can be made without needed to change wiring.  A programmer can simply attend onsite and modify the control as required. It is designed to easily integrate the equipment of other third party products. 

I hear there is a limit to the number of dali devices allowed on a single dali universe?

Yes there is a limit of 64 DALI devices on a single universe.  The Dynalite control system allows you to run multiple DALI universes without complicating programming or commissioning.  Envision Project software seamlessly integrates all DALI universes together as if it were the single system, lowering programming and commissioning costs.