Dynalite DALI - Flexibility and Cost effective.

Like all Dynalite, DALI promises flexibility in design, and ease of installation and provides unlimited scalability of lighting control systems. The DALI is cost effective through energy savings and is easy to manage. DALI is a protocol, as it requires a set of rules defined from ballast perspective such as the power connection, lamp response, control interface and command set. The DALI allows multiple ballasts to be daisy chained using low-voltage wiring for power on/off and dimming control.

Dynalite Lighting

DALI has many benefits like all Dynalite does. They are interchangeable of different manufacturers equipment, designed specifically for commercial and architectural lighting and are future proof. The intelligent lighting management can be installed minimizing cost as its low maintenance and simple wiring. The DALI system requires simple planning and installation with its flexible lighting design. The intelligent system doesn’t require external switching relays and has the local storage of up to 16 lighting scenes on one DALI operating device. It offers automated functions like sensor controlling as well as dimming and or switching.

The simple wiring allows lower initial cost to the owner and lower energy cost as it reduces power consumption. The sense of control to the occupant is greater with its individual control. DALI offers all kinds of light sources giving people such as architect’s freedom of choice. Combine lighting solutions from integrated systems can use different types of luminaires in one installation, allowing more artistic freedom. The different lighting scenes that can be created with DALI can be changed at the touch of a button and the mood or function of rooms and areas can transform, giving the building its own niche. The Dynalite DALI system can meet peoples needs with the good lighting using a visually attractive lighting scheme implementing automated dimming and switching, using daylight and occupancy sensors.

The system is simply programmed which means if it requires any future changes it can be reprogrammed which avoids costly rewiring.  Switching of relays is unnecessary because the ballasts themselves do switching locally. A simple gateway interface can easily be integrated into a building management system. Each DALI loop can support up to 64 individual addresses and 16 individual groups. It allows 16 preset levels (scenes) to be programmed on one ballast.  DALI offers cost effective sustainability, ease of use, central monitoring and occupant comfort.

DALI Dynalite

The DALI room automation allows you to create time clock events for time of day or sunset/sunrise setting the room’s environment for lights, shades and HVAC. It monitors the energy of real time energy consumption, tracks usage over time and can compare previous usage for same time periods.