Gold Coast Health Services - Robina and Southport

At the beginning of the year we started working with the maintenance staff of Robina and Southport Hospital. We have completed some major upgrades to their emergency room and other major rooms throughout the hospital. 

We have updated a lot of their user interfaces with the new Antumbra keypads and DLP950 five button panel. They also were in need of an upgrade with some touch screens that needed to be upgraded and replaced. The hospital has also had some Dynalite issues that our technicians have gone onsite and found that a simple adjustment to the programming was needed. 

Our first job with them was to install sixteen keypads in the emergency room and short stay as when our technician went to investigate the issue it was found to have faulty keypads. The keypads were deteriorating and difficult to press. Some of them had broken off their clips and were in need of new ones. 

The hospital will require ongoing maintaining to keep their system running to the highest standard and costs down in the long run and Robina have assigned and entrusted Control Co with this job. 

Robina Hospital