Queensland Academy Creative Industries (QACI)


For the past year we have been working with Brandon's Electrical on site at QACI. They have had several Dynalite lighting issues that we have investigated and maintained for them.

One of the very first projects we had was a fault in a gallery room and other areas where lights weren't turning on. One of our senior technicians Greg attended the site and tested the touch screen to see if that was working correctly. He found that the network was operating okay. Further investigation was made and found that the controller was switched off. Greg then switched it back on and found it was failing due to many loads on the controller. 

Back on site a few months later Greg found that some lights weren't turning on but found it was a keypad issue and not the controller, Greg recommended QACI to replace the keypad with a new one to prevent any further issues. QACI found it to be economic and beneficial to replace that keypad and authorised Greg to proceed. 

Later in the year Greg attended a time clock issue which was found to be running too fast. This was causing lights to turn off too early. Greg went on site and reprogrammed the time clock so that it suited the requirements of QACI. 

This year we have modified the controllers. This has included installing new ones , programming with the correct schedules and requirements of the facilities staff and tested before handed over to the facilities staff. 

After the storms in early April QACI experienced problems with their computer server that controls their system. Greg informed them that it is an urgent issue that will require replacement as soon as possible to prevent further damage and issues. QACI once again were happy with the quote and entrusted us to install and program the system so no further damage occurs. 

Our current job with QACI have been working on some lighting issues in stairways on the grounds. Greg attended the site and investigated the issue they were having with their Dynalite lighting system. It was found that QACI need a new controller in that area of the school.