Dynalite Smart Home Automation

Homes today have a number of services within them to support our daily needs and also enrich our lives.  These services may be lighting, climate control, irrigation, distributed audio & video, security, motorised doors, home theatre, and for some the list can go on.  A Smart Home is one thatintegrates these systems together and allows the occupants to control these services from intuitive, easy to use interfaces.

In our experience, we understand the importance of a reliable and powerful underlying control system.  The interfaces to control this system should also be stylish and easy to use.  Dynalite is an easy choice for us for the most imperative of the services.

The power of Dynalite can give your home many useful features with your lighting and other integrated systems.

Dynalite Smart Home

Dynalite Smart Home

Energy Efficiency

- "Master Off" switches can be located at bedsides and door entries, allowing the user to turn off any unwanted lighting throughout the house in a single button press.
- Lights in areas like garages, store rooms and other common areas can be turned off when no occupancy is detected for some time.
- Levels of lighting can be dimmed automaticallly when natural light is detected.
- Timers or light sensors automatically control garden and other lighting so lights are only on when it's dark and not left on during the day.
- Automatically close or open blinds and shutters at certain times of day for natural ventilation or protection from cold.


- External and entry lights can be turned on automatically when the sun sets for late arrivals.
- Integration with your security that turns on all lights when intrusion is detected.
- "Panic" button next the bed the activates the security system and turns on all lights in the home.
- "Vacation" button which will activate some automatic lighting features to give the impression the home is occupied when you are away.
- Sensors for external light activation


- Timers that automatically switch on or off lighting.
- Sensors that activate lighting when entry is detected at front gates or garage doors.
- Bedside buttons that light a path to the kitchen or baby's room for example, but at a low level late at night.
- Lights in ensuites or living areas come on at low levels late at night so as not to wake others or hurt your eyes.
- A "Welcome Home" button that turns on a path a lights to your kitchen and bedroom as you arrive home.
- Lighting scenes that can turn on or off chosen lighting anywhere in your home with a sinlge button press.


- Achieve that perfect lighting scene you desire in a single button press.  Activate the perfect lighting setup when you're entertaining, watching a movie, or want to create that perfect mood.

But that's not all!

Dynalite is so powerful that it's capabilities are only limited by your imagination.  If you can think of it, Dynalite can do it.  Control Co are expert Dynalite designers, installers and programmers.  We are also Dynalite Dimension Dealers which means we are fully accredited and recommended by Dynalite.  If you are in Brisbane, Gold Coast or other QLD regions, contact us today.

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