Antumbra User Interfaces - The new benchmark networked control panel

Antumbra dynalite user switchs

The Antumbra Keypad is one of Dynalite’s newest elegant user interfaces. They are already one of the more popular interfaces that are offered by Philips Dynalite. It is a stylish control intuitively interacts with your automated control systems. The Antumbra is a clever design with the engineering, which uses methods of interaction, construction, installation and aesthetics pushing the boundaries like no other keypad. It is a unique interface that has the ability to use the entire faceplate as control points with many features hidden within the smooth design. The range allows several finishes so it can suit any environment.

The Antumbra offers three types of interfaces, The Display which has a panel and a LCD display in the center, The Touch panel and the Button Panel. These options allow the clients have full control of their desired control system function. For all three different finish options are available for the face and rim of the panels, which you can mix and match to suit your home or office. The buttons can be engraved with words or icon and the customised labeling for these interfaces’ buttons are offered in English, Arabic and Chinese to excel in any language barriers.   

The Antumbra Display utilises mechanical buttons and an LCD display. This allows multiple pages of the functions and system to display the required control information. The Antumbra Touch has a smooth glass finish and uses capacitive touch technology to detect the presence of a finger on various locations of the glass to trigger the button-press action. Again utilising the mechanical buttons is the third type of antumbra­ interface, the Antumbra Button.

The built-in light sensor detects ambient light levels and ensures the wall-wash effect and button illumination activates at a comfortable brightness level. Each panel contains an integral temperature to be monitored at different locations throughout a building and avoiding the need for third-party BMS or HVAC sensors and controls. The design is two halves with the front façade, which is the buttons, rim, base and mounting plate and the second half the DACM which is the Communications module hidden behind. The programmable component within the DACM can be installed and commissioned first and the front can be installed later without the need of any further programming. Each façade option is compatible with the same communications module, allowing maximum flexibility during a project and for subsequent upgrades. 

The Dynalite Antumbra is the new benchmark in networked user control panels that is marvelously engineered and beautifully designed. 

Dynalite Antumbra design options