The new Dynalite EnvisionGateway

The newest Phillips Dynalite lighting control system is the multipurpose Ethernet connection. It supports both home and office lighting control systems via the Philips app and also offering a web interface that can deliver access to the inbuilt time clock and schedule editor functions. It’s a connection that allows the Ethernet backbone and the DyNet field bus devices.

Philips Dynalite EnvisionGateway

The device stores large project files internally, which apps use to auto configure their settings. The large storage capacity saves time on the configuration and ensures accuracy for the phone and tablet to control. The inbuilt web server allows the user to check and modify the Dynalite system over the network. The Dynalite Envision Gateway provides users or third-party systems to run macros such as your common commands shut down, hello, after hours and more.

 This new device will assist clients with the simple scheduling of the time clock and schedule allowing the management of your system to be simple and usable without technical knowledge. 

Dynalite envision gateway network connections