Dynalite the ideal disability and elderly care

Dynalite systems are just designed for those who live in a developed and refined high-end residences but also benefit those who rely on others assistance. Dynalite lighting systems allow people who are with disability to still live on their own in a smart high end luxury home. It allows those to still have their independence in their own home. Having a Dynalite Home automation system in the house can assist with a number of different systems such as the lighting, windows and blinds and audio-visual equipment. Which is integrated and controlled through he single control platform, Dynalite.  Dynalite based homes enhance disabled peoples independence by enabling them to control over their surroundings. 

The latest advances in home automation have enabled people to solve individuals problems of control and accessibility in the care industry. Because the system can be so customisable controlled it will increase a user's independences, a sense of full control and safety which can reduce the carer burdens. The Dynalite system is a sophisticated solution equally suitable for inclusion in purpose-built care facilities. Customising the system can allow people with certain disabilities to remain at home. 

Dynalite's user-interfaces are designed so that any part of their body can activate the switches. You can customise the panels with icons to simplify the interaction and assist those who can't read well. Dynalite is so diverse that it allows integration with other products like RTI, together Dynalite and RTI can make the system become voice-activated helping those who may be vision impaired. The technology is so smart and well designed that it allows the panel to automatically detect a persons presence by their body's own magnetic field. 

Dynalite systems focus on the vision of helping as many people as they can to improve their quality of life to enable them to independently live by tailoring it to address the individual needs for security and benefits.