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What does a new home owner, and architect or builder and a electrician have in common with Control Co? They all apart of the process of installing, commissioning and programming a new Dynalite system. The seamless process of installing a Dynalite system does include a few steps till Control Co come in. 

So you are planning to build or renovate your dream home? The best part of this is you can create your very own smart home with integrating technologies using the Dynalite. Installing a Dynalite system is a suitable cost-effective solution available to assisting ease in your future home living. The benefits of Dynalite are not limited allowing Home owners to feel the full control of the design. 

Lighting control and automation technologies are the best way to give new buildings that extra edge but also assist in the rapid change of technology. Updating and maintaining your system in the future is so simple because of its simplicity. Technology is about streamlining your life not complicating it, Control Co will ensure to assist you in making sure comfortable and satisfied with the best solution possible. 

Control Co can take care of the integration side of things when building or renovating a house by maximising your satisfaction and decreasing the work load with the extensive range of Dynalite services that are offered.  

Dynalite is the very best lighting control and home automation system and gets better and better every day like any technology. We can assist new home owners or renovators the design, installation, integration, programming and on-going support that is needed to have the best solution possible for the owner.