Intelligent, Automated Homes with Dynalite Interfaces and Timers

Philips Dynalite has been designed to make managing your home and lifestyle easy, achieving complete control and customization over all technology in your home. The simplicity of the control solutions can put you in control of your home from virtually anywhere. The multi element control is done by one switch, more then just on and off lighting control. Your home can be set so that it can work like clockwork by programming daily routines such as turning on the heating, switching off lights at night or locking the doors at bedtime. Having an intelligent home can enhance the way you live and entertain. Give your house moods, ambience and an aesthetic appeal of your home whether it’s a quiet night or a party night. 

We live in a new aged world where technology changes our every day life allowing our homes to be smarter and homey. Whether your home is new or you are planning a renovate having the smartest home on the block will get the attention of anyone. Every home is different and every user is different and that is why the technology is customsied to what is right for you.

The well-designed user interfaces are available in a range of styles and finishes to match your budget, personality and home. The range offers touchscreen user-interfaces, standard wall interfaces. Some of the ways that you can control your home with the clever system with just the touch of a button while saving energy, money and time are the ceiling fan, adjusting the speed or turning it on or off. The security, program it so when you are on your way home lights turn on detecting movement. Blinds and shutters, opening and closing blinds and curtains to help keep the house cool and warm which will save money on your energy bills. Lighting and outside lighting, helping save money by setting types of moods that the system with one touch buttons. Air-conditioning, swimming pools, water systems, audio and home theater can also be seamlessly integrated together using the well-designed interfaces.

Scene with the lighting can be set so that when someone touches on the control system automatically recalls the day time lighting scene depending on the time it was switched on. Multiple automated time responses allow the system to make your house an intelligent home. Incorporating scheduled functions into a Philips Dynalite networked system allows for user interfaces to have different responses to occupants interaction with the automated system. The advantage of automated time responses is that there a fewer push buttons needed reducing the complexity of the interface.