Envision Touch and Dynamic Touch Controller

The envision touch and dynamic touch is an intelligent control system through a smartphone or tablet interface allowing for a smarter home with all the requirements of the client. This turns your home into a unique and finely tuned, bespoke user interface for home and office. Together the EnvisionTouch and Dynamic Touch deliver extraordinary levels of choice and control in just the end-users hands.

The two products are aimed at clients with different requirements and share very similar levels of operability. EnvisionTouch is a self-configuring application with simple templates to allow smooth and simple functionality speeding up both commissioning process and installation. The Dynamic Touch has been developed so end-users can customize their ability to control both their home and office control system.

Both envision and dynamic touch allow users to view the current status and make easy adjustments to any lights, cooling systems and blinds plus many other systems that are connected through the Philips Dynalite control network. Each area can be controlled individually or in grouped areas depending on your house or office structure. The systems allow multiple systems to be integrated into single preset scenarios like leaving the house might be goodbye and the setting are preset to turn everything off. The primary focus of the two controls is the lighting control, which can influence the type of scene you are going for.  

The Envision Touch is available for both iOS formats such as your iPad and iPhone and Android format for the range of android phone or tablet devices.  It is a multi use remote for your lighting, climate control, security and more. This control system is fully customizable, effortless control, control individual light channels, single-click control, multiple compatibility formats and simple Ethernet connection.