Intelligent Office with Dynalite - Simplicity is Key

One big goal for commercial building is the costs of a building while still maintaining occupant comfort and productivity. Intelligent lighting control systems allow building owners to improve light quality, efficiency and productivity while optimizing the energy use, reducing the day-to-day operation costs. Intelligent offices require the right light time and place, ready for now and the future flexibility and of course comfort creating a perfect environment for tasks and scenes. The system allows individuals to directly control the lighting of their work environment. Dynalite controls can switch lights off when no one is around, the system can adjust automatically based on the amount of natural lighting.

The system allows users to plan and execute future layout and occupancy changes without any future costs. The system is designed in sophisticated yet economical, flexible and simple to use for any office or business even if the business is starting out changes can be made later on.  The Dynalite network timeclock adjusts the state of the system according to the time of day, date or season, these are general adjustments that automatically override if the area is unoccupied in order to avoid extra energy expenditure. Centralized monitoring and control features offer further benefits to the building security through remote override capabilities. The system can monitor the lighting circuits, which provides real time data to the facility manager on the systems faults. 

Boardrooms and meeting facilities in commercial buildings can be a seamless operation at the press of a single button with integration of blinds or AV systems for seamless operation at the press of a single button. Multifunction sensors automatically adjust lighting while it balances the incoming light. The office lighting can be set up as a daily cycle that can include your site warm up, open start, turn off unused areas, afternoon adjustments and then sunset. The clever system will use multi-system solutions such as occupancy detection, lighting scenes, AV, user interfaces, HVAC and Blinds. 

A range of cost effective relay controllers are designed to offer simple and effective switching controls for the lighting which is also used in conjunction with the scheduled events and sensors. The relay controllers are a significant part of energy efficiency. The lighting dimmers create a welcoming environment with the workspace promoting a productive atmosphere.  Dimmers assist in a mixture of different lighting sources to bring different elements together. Third party integration extends the dynalite lighting control systems to its full potential. This gives the office simplicity of smooth flowing production, empowering the user to have full control. 

Using Dynalite systems to improve or create an intelligent office will have you saving money, extending energy use and increasing work productivity.