Envision Manager

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The technical suppliers, facility managers and end-users are the three main groups who benefit from implementing a lighting control system. The approach that Philips dynalite have is that no two lighting systems are the same and that every lighting installation is tailored to best match of the customers needs. The Envisionmanager offers a number of flexible control and monitoring capabilities for your Dynalite system, which facilitates two-way communication and control with each lighting system component including sensors, user interfaces and DALI lighting fixtures. The system enables monitoring of all system components with real time failure alerts of energy usage as well as maintenance issues.

People seem to think that the systems are too complicated but Philips dynalite DALI multimaster system enables all control reducing the system design complexity. EnvisionManager enables the complete lighting system to be controlled from a single tailored software console. It’s designed to support remote access and offer web-based control letting occupants control their lights via any authorized web browser-enabled device. Another misconception of the lighting control system is that it’s too expensive and difficult to maintain. The system is designed to reduce installation costs for both materials and labor.

The Philips Dynalite is perfectly adaptable to match and building design, by adding components where they are needed, the system us both efficient in design and economical. EnvisionManager provides the ideal solution for office, hotels, arenas, stadiums, malls, schools, university and any projects that require control and manage lighting. The EnvisionManager is compatible with all current Dynalite products and can control the entire lighting system on one screen. The EnvisionManager provides one tool to control, monitor, manage and maintain the complete building lighting system. EnvisionManger is scalable allowing up to 65,535 different control zones within a building. Its safely designed to enable lighting setting based on real performance data in each area but it also is smart enough to switch off or dim down with compromising occupants comfort and safety with promoting energy efficiency. It’s designed to support the use of daylight harvesting schemes to adjust artificial lighting in balance with natural daylight.

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The control aspect of EnvisionManager puts the building and facilities manager in full control. Macros can be created and scheduled to occur at different times of the day or different days of the week. These Macros can be a single action, multiple actions or a reoccurring action. The system changes based on the type of day and can have set time-out functions for unoccupied areas for when its out of office hours or holiday hours.

The EnvisionManager includes dashboards that simplify the monitoring of current status and operational performance. The performance can be viewed by area this can assist in understanding how the lighting system is performing and can also help identify where additional saving may be possible. The monitor of EnvisionManager is able to highlight a number of things such as pending scheduled activities, the status of each area and results of emergency lighting testing. It features visual system energy performance, displays performance graphs and engaged occupants.

 The EnvisionManager is an easily managed system, which enables pre-defined lighting events to occur automatically at set times or in relation to the natural light. The reporting feature of the system allows system reports to be generated on hardware status, energy consumption and DALI emergency lighting performance. The end user can easily add the custom schedules.

 For any lighting system maintaining is vital in order for the end users safety and comfort. The systems simple managing system allows the DALI maintenance done by the end user, keeping call costs down but if there are issues they are easy to locate the problems. When the time comes the system can be expanded at anytime without disrupting the existing system.