The Benefits of a Dali Control System

The Dyalite Dali control system is a modern day lighting solution, number of groups and scene can be created to ensure a projects lighting installation can be quickly adapted to suit a broad scope of applications. The energy efficient control light sources are based on daylight sensing, presence detection and personal control. A DALI control system can be a small luminaire but also a scalable to encompass multiple systems across a building, where DALI Control systems can be connected together using lighting routers. DALI provides applications that are both scalability and flexible for not only the end users but also the designers and the contractors.  

DALI is an open digital lighting standard, which is interchangeable and future proof. The products can be installed in the same installation and will fulfill the commands specified. The DALI control system is simple to install and operate; separate control cables are not required for each device just a simple 2-wire cable can be used to connect together all DALI devices in a system.

Re-configuration of the DALI devices avoids the need to move devices or touch the wiring when the use of space in a building is changed. The system can also be modified down the track without the rewiring or changing the current space.  With the power of dimming control of each individual light source can be optimised for energy saving. The system allows robust communication even with low-cost cable and with most devices being polarity insensitive, mistakes in wiring are reduced as well as costs. DALI is a compatible control system that allows implementing DALI in products a low cost for budget.

The technology has been evolving for a few years with the focus on innervated and sustainable products with the end user being the focus. This controller is suited for all venues and corporate buildings.