Dynalite dimension dealers - Expert Technicians

Control Co are a Philips dimension dealer, with our expert technicians they have the knowledge and skills to integrate your systems such as lighting control, blinds, multi-media rooms, security and more using a versatile Philips dynalite control system. Our technicians will take the pressure off by implementing smart installations of all your automation needs. We are certified to offer you advice on the best systems available for your individual needs that include designing the system, installation, integrate all the switch systems you require, programming and of course on-going support when needed. The system offers sophistication, simple reliable and energy efficient lighting control solutions. Control Co has provided this for various spaces such as residential, offices, retail, hospitality and public spaces.

The lighting control system allows building owners to create inviting and functional office environments allowing for employees to be stimulated productively and optimise energy use as well as permitting and accommodating furture layout and occupancy changes. Lighting plays a key role in hospitality as it not only has to provide comfort for guests but also create a workable and inviting ambiance. Shop owners and store operators want there lighting system to be eye-catching maximizing the cliental engagement as well as enriching the overall shopping experience. Public spaces such as stadiums need an attractive and engaging environment with the optimized levels of comfort and safety enhancing the public’s sense of wellbeing. 

Smart homes allow more flexibility to the system, allowing developers and designers as well as the homeowner to express individual personality and style by creating atmospheres tailored to moods, function and occasion with easy to use structure and cost effective sustainability.

Whether you need to upgrade, install or program even up keep your system our technicians are highly qualified and efficient leaving you completely satisfied with your Dynalite lighting system.