Integration with Dynalite Systems


The flexibility of the Dynalite system has been designed so that you can integrate between various controls systems within projects, reducing the users to have multiple interactions to preform what seems like one task such as arm security system. To preform functions such as that, many different control system elements need to work together. The elements are Philips Dynalite gateways that are different depending on the prerequisite, these elements can be coordinated together to produce seamless performance. The integration of the system allows interfaces to control other switch-based systems such as projector controllers and audio-visual controllers, blind motors and other third components depending on where it’s installed.

All Dynalite systems communicate using the DyNet protocol, which uses a thing called RS485 for communication. Separate DyNet commands are available to anyone wishing to directly communicate with the Philips Dynalite system. Many AV controllers, alarm systems and BMS vendors also make avauble the software drivers that will communicate directly with the dynalite system using DyNet messages allowing the system to operate as an open protocol.  

DyNet can also send and received messages over RS232 networks. Dynalite’s unit DTK622-232 is a passive network gateway that converts RS485 to RS232 for full duplex communication that allows AV systems that use RS232 to simply send Dynet commands directly. If required network message filtering or logical processing, the DMNG2322 gateway is ideal. The gateway has advanced features enabling it to receive custom RS232 data strings that will trigger a task or send a Dynet message.

integration in dynalite system

BACnet is another integration that allows for a BMS system to send commands to the Dynalite system triggering functions and timed events. The benefit of the BACnet gateway is that it can be directly connected to the network trunk giving it access to all of the systems devices. The addressable points that are used to commiucate with the BACnet protocol can be adjusted by the BMS for triggering required functions like timed events. This gateway allows you to achieve functions such as using your dynalite interface to tell the lighting control system via the BACnet protocol that the user wants all lighting off on a particular floor or area. If no presence is sensed in the room the dynalite control system will switch off the lighting. This kind of integration allows for one system to control many different elements within an area.

With everything becoming more internet-ethernet integrated, Dynalite also have that option to support a wide range of Ethernet gateways for different mounting requirements. Using Ethernet gateways allows for networking multiple Dynet networks to work together or allows integration to web-based systems. This allows you to have multiple dynalite systems operating independently of each other when they are located on each floor. The network uses Dynet RS485 to communicate between the different devices. To have each of these different floor systems together, each of the separate sub systems can be linked together via an Ethernet using gateways. The RS485 network can be exceeded to a limit if this happens a fiber optic cable can be ran between the sites which will connect the, together via connection to Ethernet gateways. The Ethernet gateways also supports the ability to provide remote control of a residential site via a web brower interface or Dynalite DynamicTouch software. This functionality can be made available from external locations by having a gateway visible on the Internet.

These types of gateways allow your Dynalite system to be used to its full potential depending on the requirements requested when designing a seamless system.