Dynalite the meaning of Luxury Home

luxury Dynalite home

The typical smart home includes several integrated systems that work together to provide convenience and security to the client.

The basic lighting control functionality allows different lighting scenes and moods by simple activation from a keypad, wired or wireless touch screen or remote control. These are moods like Welcome, Goodbye or Goodnight. Depending on the look you are going for there are different lighting sources to choose from such as LED, incandescent and fluorescent lamps. The smart home includes control of not only your lighting but also music and air conditioning even on the same lighting control keypad. The security system controls the drawing of the blinds and extinguishing of lights when armed. Other commands such as floor heating, irrigation systems and more can be controlled automatically through timers.

Having these basic controls allows you to personalise your luxury home by setting the activation of the lights and music to a welcoming level in desired areas when the security system is disarmed. Or you can activate the internal lights, blinds opened and keypads frozen while the external lights flash on and off to attract attention if the PANIC option to trigger your security system when in danger. Different profiles can be programmed in your dynalite system, which can also be modified to have different members of the family. 

The rooms in your smart home can be controlled by dimmed lighting, the smaller the groups allow for more effective and efficient lighting design and control. In additional to the fundamental lighting the Dynalite system also controls other equipment such the ceiling fan, pool cleaners, floor heating and even heated towel rails through timers. Sensors assist in the control off activating lights and sensing when there is no one there. All these are nominated by the client to there nominated liking.