The operation of the Dynalite System

When the system is in operation the lighting control panels around the home provide control for the lighting groups and other relayed equipment in each immediate area. The Dynalite lighting control panels throughout the home are programmed to do more the activating the lights on or off. The touch screens are capable of controlling all areas around the home.

A DDNP1502 is a Dynalite network accessory, which utilises to supplement the network power supply, as the number of lighting control panel power requirement exceeds that supplied to the network by two load controllers. Lighting controllers such as a DDRC810DT-GL can be programmed to drive blinds either up or down by manipulating the outputs of the associated controller in the desired manner. A DDMC802 controller will allow Dynalite programmers to program the ceiling fans through the DDMC802. Four lighting control panel buttons are dedicated to the four settings High, Medium, Low and off.

Dynalite system diagram

Ducted and spilt air conditioning systems are both typically interface to the Dynalite control system through dry contract closure, this will use add on modules. A wireless touch screen can control all the equipment connected to the Dynalite system, displaying HTML pages of controls using a web page server does this. These pages are usually transmitted through the home wirelessly via the connected 3rd party wireless router.  

The system is so powerful that if you were to leave the TV on and the hall lights on and your lights on but you are already snug in bed no worries, all you need to do is press the goodnight button which can be programmed so that your entertainment systems turn off the blinds close, the hallway lights turn off and your light will dim slowly to off allowing enough time for you to settle in your bed.  

dynalite entertainment area controlled