Out with the old and in with the new controllers.

As the ability of technology is constantly improving, meaning there is always something newer and better the Philips Dynalite continually refines their range of products, which sometimes leads to some model numbers being revised. This means older models become obsolete and are in need of an upgrade. Which is recommended if your system is old or failing.  

The DDMC 801 is a common controller that has now become outdated and is being replaced with the DDMC 802. The 802 multi purpose controller is an eight-channel controller with a maximum load per channel of 2A. It is made to suit different types of loads such as dimmable electronic transformers, incandescent lamps, digital ballast, fan and curtain control. The DDRC1220 is highly recommended for use in residential and hotel or venue applications. It features a superior voltage regulation and soft start technologies that protect low voltage lamps and dramatically increase the lamp life.

internal view of a Dynalite controller

Another common controller we are finding a lot of our clients who require updating is the DDRC1210FR, which we recommend the DDLE802 to replace it. The DDRC1210FR Relay Controller was used across venues to effectively control any type of switched load. The DDRC1220 is designed to control and type of switched load. The power circuit is a feed-through design and is electrically equivalent to a 12 pole contractor with the additional advantage of each pole being separately controllable via the DyNet network. Each channel is fitted with a hardware override switch which is accessible from just the front panel. 

electrical diagram of a dynalite controller

If you find you have these Dynalite controllers and they are failing or need upgrading contact us and one of our technicians can repair and program your systems.