Dynalite, What is it?

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Dynalite is a fully integrated lighting control and building automation solutions. It’s a great product that creates a sophisticated, productive, reliable and energy-efficient lighting control solutions for residential, offices, stadiums and more. It provides great functionality.

This is more than just on and off lighting control, Dynalite also allows you to create ambience and recall different lighting mood and the occasion. The system is controlled and monitors all the lights and system components from any point on the network.  

System configuration is the process of assigning base parameters for all devices. This includes designation of device network addresses, arranging controller output channels and user interface devices into logical groups and setting command actions for each point control panel or a sensor. Preset entails a dynalite programmer to set the output channel levels of the controller. Function programming involves the creation of control logic and routines for automated system operation. To configure and function the system it requires a personal computer attached to the products or the DyNet network. The PC node converts the DyNet into a serial communication format suitable for connection to a PC. Specific applications are used to develop a range of intuitive software for complete configuration, operation and management. A Dynalite certified technician would suggest what would suit your needs.

When the system configuration has been completed it is possible to edit presets using a range of interface options. This enables users to make and save adjustments to lighting levels, to their liking.