Down and Dirty with Dynalite... Dynalite Breakdown

To setup Dynalite there are a few different units involved depending on the way you want your system to work to suit your needs.  

Sensors, offer the ability to interact with project spaces passively, the Philips Dynalite sensor ranges uses features of motion detection, and light level detection and IR receive into one unit. These features have the ability to operate at the same time and after the area has been unoccupied for the predetermined time the lights will provide energy saving.

Dynalite sensors

All timeclocks are based on the sunrise and sunset tracking with automatic daylight saving adjustments, marco and logic functions. You can get a timer clock with an interface, which works with DyNet networking to automate tasks, and trigger timed based events. It is a powerful tool in the Dynalite system that provides full automation of a large commercial project and can be programmed with events that run at specified time. 

A relay controller is one of the more popular forms of lighting control, it has the most relay controllers with a great energy management and lighting control impact. This comes in two typed of configuration DIN-rail and Wall box. Dynalite supports a vast range of relay controllers with a variety of circuit numbers and sizes to work as a system or individually to suit any project requirement. The device can store over 170 presets, which send network messages through your system.

Dynalite controllers

Leading Edge Dimmer controller is an ideal lighting circuit with resistive and inductive properties, including mains voltage incandescent fittings, neon and low voltage lamps with a compatible electronic transfer. There are a variety of circuit numbers and sizes for the system to fit the requirements.

The main voltage incandescent fittings that are compatible and low voltage electronic transformers are trailing edge dimmer controllers unit that supports a three phase supple making it ideal for track-lighting dimming applications. These are recommended for art galleries, museums, music halls and lecture rooms.

These controllers are well designed and equip for any projects. For a big project that requires different lighting load types a multipurpose controller is recommended to achieve the desired result. This allows you to customize the output types via different output module units. 

Dynalite Antumbra keypad switches

For these controllers to work several dynalite user interfaces are provided such as the Antumbra series, Classic series, Standard series and Touchscreens. These keypads have an elegant design; they are the newest range that Dynalite offer which refines the user interface.  The classic series is a popular choice for commercial and residential applications. The unique design is allows engraving for easy identification of button function. They are available in various layouts using commonly used control scenarios. The keypads allow custom features such as faders, display keys, key switches, plug sockets and engraving are available for unique control solutions.