Welcome to Home and Office Automation

The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity using smartphones and tablet connectivity. This has become popular in the more modern homes as the concept of Internet connectivity has become more influenced in our lives. 

Home automation can provide security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency. It’s a system, which controls lighting, air conditioning, appliances, and security systems. Integrates a smooth running of automation in a home or office all through the network, which is a programmed system to the clients needs. The programming can be an isolation of sensors and controls. Home automation is a sophisticated system, which has electric programmable controls for lighting, heating, cooling and entertainment devices which can be wireless and or wiring to a few isolated automated systems, such as motion sensors to control lights. These systems can benefit and improve the energy efficiency of your home and has a stylish look adding to your home. 

The automated systems use an electrical signal to switch equipment usually being a light, appliance or motors. The Lights can be turned on or off on demand or based on timers or sensors. Motors can open and shut blinds, windows and vents valves and pumps. Timers or sensors trigger appliances that you want controlled in the home. Relays however are more complex switches that can activate any electrical or electronic device, this is programmed by a Dynalite Technician.

When planning your automation system you must consider how opening and closing blinds, awnings, windows and vents can assist passive heating, cooling and natural lighting. When the plan is well thought out for home automation it will assist in planned temperature profiles that can minimise the energy used in heaters and air-conditioners.

Automate lights operate only when needed and switch themselves off when rooms are vacant using motion sensors. Rather then leaving the lights on when leaving the motion sensors are used to switch on external lights when entering the home. This will help maintain an affordable energy efficiency.