Interior and Exterior Lighting Automation

Lighting automation can take on the complexity of lighting tasks, and integrate everyday operations that are related such as blind, roller door, security and many more. Philips Dynalite is an Australia-manufactured modular lighting control system, which is brilliant for both residential and commercial use and application, using brilliant elements of simplification of tasks. The ambient control of design and environmental efficiency can communicate with and manage other systems with such ease. The Dynalite lighting system is popular for its modes such as time of day, temperature switching and other conditional actions that combine to produce a truly smart and efficient building to suit all needs.  

Interior dynalite lighting automation

The interior lighting is important to suit the needs of the area so that the client can feel welcomed and comfortable. If lighting is designed and control suitably it will provide a unique environment and atmosphere. It can be used to highlight or enhance features such as artwork, pictures or feature walls. Dynalite creates smooth lighting scenes throughout the location using elegant and simple control panels to suit the décor. Depending on the buildings requirements the lighting can be controlled by hard-wall mounted control panels or with lighting sensors that detect movement.

The Exterior lights are just as important as it can create a remarkable atmosphere with your outdoor living areas and entrances.  You can use it to highlight your water features or landscaping but also provide security for you when you arrive home. The exterior lighting can be programmed so its sensor controlled or preset to a switch with a timer.  

The system integrates so much with simple operations, you can program buttons to control your components and lighting together. This can mean simple music and lighting operations can be controlled by one panel on your wall. You can have single buttons that operate the automation of the whole house to benefit our comfort and security.  

interior feature lighting - Dynalite

The control switches are all different and designed to suit the décor by offering different colours, schemes and fabrics. The keypads and touch panels are designed with the latest styles and European trends. Our technicians can help you to select, install and program the right interface to compliment the right requirements. The touch panels are more of a blank canvas giving the technician to program and design the right simplicity for the end users, making it completely unique.

Dynalite’s control equipment is powerful, simple and flexible. It is designed to be a control solution and user friendly. From Household lights to Av equipment, blinds, temperature systems and even your garage door, if it’s a switch the Dynalite controllers can control it.