Commercial Projects with Dynalite

commercial lighting

Control Co has had experience with all types of commercial buildings as Dynalite is used in many commercial areas, from corporate boardrooms, to function centres, schools, small businesses and multi-story developments. Control Co approach each plan, process and design to achieve the end result of a competent and reliable system that our client requires.

Rooms such as multi-purpose theatres can be programmed so that you are present with smooth connectivity and ease of use. Integrating a control system will simplify operation with just a touch screen user interface allowing the user to connect, set and go. The control systems can control all required elements with a simple button.

Function rooms are being used for a variety of situations and events, so clients are going to want a flexible system that is easy as pressing a switch to transform a room from a training environment to a wedding reception. Dynalite systems allow for function rooms to create an atmosphere and simplify operations using the lighting control and various other system controls. Dynalite offers solutions for your requirements.

For boardrooms the functionality is the main consideration when setting up a dynalite system and control. These types of rooms requires a user friendly system design to enhance day to day use with multi purpose operations. It will simplify the operation and make setting up easy and reliable with assisting in the control of multiple display options from large screens and projectors to plasma and LCD displays. Integrating lighting controls will allow clients more flexibility and control over the environment they are trying to create.

boardroom dynalite

Visual and audio entertainment is a must in any venue but lighting control is just important. Using lighting control can create the right environment the preferred clientele that will have them coming back time and time again. Dynalite simplifies the system so that staff of the venue can also operate the system smoothly with the confidence of reliability.  Control Co provides control and programming that is easy to use with the ability to control a variety of applications. The control panels allow the user to interact with relevant information and commands so that anyone can control the system.  

Some of Control Co’s recent commercial projects have included upgrading and fixing the system as well as reprogramming the Dynalite system at the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries. Replacing and upgrading the keypads at Gold Coast Health service district at the Robina hospital and even flying to Airlie beach to Woodwark bay resort in the Whitsundays to replace and upgrade their Dynalite system and control switches. Our technicians are certified Dynalite program and installers and can complete any project big or small suiting all needs of the client. 

Woodwark bay resort dynalite lighting