360 Capital and Burgess Rawson

360 Capital.jpg

These guys contract us to help assist with the one of there buildings. We have been assisting them for over a year now. The first issue they seemed to have was a sensor issues which we then went back and replaced three sensors. Because Dynalite requires on going maintenance the company entrusted Control Co to maintain their system in the building. We had to return to the building to fix some lighting issues which was a minor timer control change for the sensor to suit the end user. 

A common thing that can happen is Dynalite controllers can chatter on or off. We investigated this and just had to reset the devices, In this case we needed to replace the controller with a DDRC1220FR-GL which was replaced and reprogrammed to stop the issue. 


Another fault that happened on the same location was a sensor issue that was concluded to be faulty. Our technicians returned to the side to fix this with a new sensor.