Commercial and Business Lighting Control

Lighting Control is used in a lot of commercial buildings and businesses. Lighting can be responsible for about 35% of a typical building’s electricity use. Much of it can be wasted due to poor lighting design, inefficient lighting equipment, and poor controls. A bad lighting control design can cause further electricity usage as it increases a buildings cooling load.  Lighting control works with time, intensity and occupancy to determine the best result for occupants of the building.

Lighting control can be sophisticated or simple but flexible and critical that the right lighting is used at the right time. It needs to suit the tasks undertaken in the room or set a certain mood depending on the area, which could be indoor or outdoor. A good lighting control optimizes high productive space and comfort. Lighting control is a great solution that delivers significant energy savings. 

Lighting control assists facility managers to conveniently manage and control electric light right from their desktop. It can be monitored and configured for any space in the building maximising energy efficiency, comfort and productivity. The integral of a timeclock feature enables the scheduling of lights, enhancing energy saving and the safety and security of employees. This could mean creating a safe pathway of light for when employees are exiting a building or automatically adjusting the lighting or blinds when the natural light changes throughout the day and night. This will also reduce heat gain and glare with automated shades maximising the efficient control of daylight.  Having automatic lighting control can dim the lights when necessary to reduce the any heat or cooling. 

This can stop businesses and company spending thousands of dollars on electricity by having a lighting controlled rooms that automatically turn off when the rooms are unoccupied. It accommodates changes in space configuration, activities and schedules. Enhancing energy efficiently building performance and sustainability and increases your energy saving.