Dynalite Sensor - DTK503C


Dynalite Sensor - DTK503C


The DTK503C is an obsolete sensor use a DUS704 instead. 

  • Multifunction fully programmable sensor
  • All functions remotely programmable
  • Ceiling flush mount


  • Narrow Angle 360O Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector
  • Narrow angle "doorway" sensor
  • Detection range 3m diameter
  • LED activation indicator
  • Adjustable Pulse Count
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Sensor: Dual element pyro-electric
  • R.F.I. Immunity: >15V/m @ 10-1000MHz

PE Features:

  • PE Cell for light measurement
  • Dynamic range < 5 lux to > 5000 lux
  • Automatic "Daylight Harvesting" mode

IR Features:

  • Infra Red Remote Control Receiver
  • Range > 6m
  • LED activation indicator
  • Can be used with DTK500 series Infra Red remotes or other learning IR Remote controls


  • Dimensions: H 90mm x Dia. 70mm. Mounting hole 56mm Dia
  • Packed weight 0.1kg
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