Dynalite Leading Edge Dimmer - DDMC801


Dynalite Leading Edge Dimmer - DDMC801


This is a discontinued controller. It has been replaced by a DDLE802 or DDLE801 if you are controlling only lights, or the DDMC802  multi purpose controller if you want to control fans or multiple other load types. 

The DDMC801 is designed to control dimmed and switched loads. A variety of output modules are available to suit

different types of loads and the DDMC801 can accept up to two modules of any type. The plug in modules also

facilitate ease of servicing. The device is DIN rail mountable, designed to be installed in a switchboard, optionally next to circuit breakers feeding the circuits to be controlled. The DDMC801 can operate as a stand-alone unit or as part of an integrated system when connected to a DyNet network.



• 230V 50/60Hz single phase & neutral supply at 10A

• 8 x outputs at 1A, dimmed or switched (module dependant)

• DIN Rail enclosure (12 unit)

• Will accept 2 x output modules, which are plug in for ease of service

• Available output modules include:

- 4 x 1A dimmer module LSDM401

- 4 x 1A relay module LSRM401

- 1 x 5A Dimmer Module LSDM105

- 2 x Fan Controller - 3 speed LSFCM202

• Programmable Logic (8 Tasks)

• 365 day time clock with sunrise/sunset & daylight saving functions

• 1 x RS485 DyNet serial port

• Dimensions H 86mm x W 210mm x D 68mm

• Packed weight - 3.5kg

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